If you could have any super power, what would you choose? Would you choose teleportation so you can escape the rush hour jam? How about super strength to move that car that double-parked you? Unfortunately, radioactive spiders aren’t around to bite us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have heroes among us.

They may not be super, but heroes exist in our world today. The best part: you can become one too. All you need is the willingness to help the people who need helping.

Soup Kitchens

Helping out in soup kitchens are usually a good place to start if you ever want to get into the habit of volunteering. Most kitchens already have an established system in place and only need some hands to help with either serving food or washing dishes. Make sure you call up the soup kitchen to book your spot weeks in advance as many soup kitchens have regular heroes who volunteer on a daily basis.

Gotong Royong

Gotong royongs are another way you can be a hero in your society. Loosely translated as “communal spring cleaning” many local parks and housing communities organize gotong royongs on a monthly basis. As gotong royongs usually happen in the morning, don’t forget to start your day with breakfast and MILO® 3-in-1 so that you can have the energy to keep your streets clean….literally.

Homes & Orphanages

Often only getting attention during the festive periods, homes and orphanages are mostly forgotten the remainder of the year. These homes need consistent attention all year round and will need volunteers to clean the homes, teach the children, and occasionally bring them out to the zoo. Could you be that hero? All you have to do is identify a home, let them know you want to help, and set aside some time to do so.

You don’t need capes to do a little good in the world. It takes a little effort and time to start being a hero in your community, and the sense of fulfillment you get at the end of the day will far outweigh the doubts you had at the beginning. Take things one simple step at a time: Wake up, have a healthy breakfast with MILO® 3-in-1, and go out to make a difference!