It’s hard to deny that these days, we’re spending a lot more time at work. This makes it easier to say, “I’ve got no time to work out” and “I’m way too busy at work for exercise”. But staying sedentary at your desk from 9 to 5 (if you’re lucky!) is doing more harm than good. While you think sitting and tapping away on your computer is keeping you productive, it actually isn’t. Prolonged sitting can cause backaches, headaches and listlessness, which renders you incapable of fully concentrating on your work.

As you work towards your KPIs and meet your deadlines, why not work out too? Here’re some tips on how you can keep your body in shape while you finish that proposal in time for you to clock out.

1) Take the stairs

No better time to kick off your new exercise routine than right at the beginning of work! You’re going to need to get up there anyway, so why not take the scenic route instead? It’s a great way to work your legs and keep you pumped for the work day ahead. Plus, you know you don’t want to hear that elevator music again.

2) Don’t skip leg day

Now that you’re probably seated in your chair, why don’t you try straightening your leg out and holding it for 10 seconds? Put it down without touching the ground, then repeat with your other leg. Ta-da, you’ve just done your first chair workout! This does wonders for your legs and abs, plus it’s super discrete – your colleagues will never know.

3) Straighten everything

This might not be an actual workout, but it’s important nonetheless. Keep your posture in check by making sure your feet, hips and arms are 90-degrees to the floor. Keep from slouching by engaging your core throughout the day. People will be commenting about how tall you’ve grown in the last few hours!

4) Make a deal

Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor and grasp your right hand with your left hand (or whichever suits your fancy) as if you’re giving yourself a handshake. Next, turn that handshake into a tug-o’-war! Pull in opposite directions and feel the tension in your biceps. Keep it up for 10 seconds, release, and repeat. If your colleagues catch you in the act, just tell them that you’re congratulating yourself for a job well done!

5) Raise the roof

Alright, it’s almost time to clock out and the team is so close to wrapping up that presentation slides that has been in progress the whole day. Give them a bit of motivation by cheering them on while you march in place and push your palms up towards the ceiling. Make sure you repeat that move at least 20 times for maximum motivation (and maximum arm activity too!).

To get through your work day engaging both your brains and your whole body, you’ll need to start your day with a wholesome breakfast with MILO®3-in-1! And who’s to say you can’t enjoy another mug before clocking out? You’re going to need more energy to work out while you watch TV at home!